This is a One-day On-Fest event, mainly targeted at Students.
The Objective of this event is to find a treasure by scouring the area following a series of clues.

Each team of 5 (minimum 3, maximum 5) gets a map of the allowed area, for an overview and is presented with a group of puzzles or clues, which are to be collectively solved by them, in order to find a piece of information that leads the team to the next location. The theme of the clues/puzzles given vary according to the location where the next one is found.

The clues generally involve wordplay, tech-based trivia, anagrams, math and other fun challenges.
There will be an elimination after the first three rounds of clues, reducing the team count to half, and elimination continues in the subsequent rounds, finally resulting in three teams to be eligible to search for the final clue. The area chosen is entirely accessible to public and lies within JNTU perimeter.



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