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Objective Of TechQuiZ
For those who have a quiz bug kicking inside them, QUEST '17 offers "Tech Quiz", a technical quizzing event, where you can improve your knowledge on technical concepts. Just gather all the technical knowledge to crack the quiz.
Techquiz provides a perfect place to test your technical knowledge.Presence of mind and keen observation can prove to be the winning combination.
The Department of CSE, JNTUH-CEH presents "Tech Quiz" event as a part of QUEST 2017.
Round 1:
• This is online round(free for all) consists of MCQs based on basic technical concepts
• No of questions:20
• Time limit:15 min.
Round 2:
• This is offline round conducted on March 21st 2017.
• Only teams(2 members) are allowed.
• This is interactive rapid fire round.
• Registration fee per team is Rs.300
Round 3:
• Final clash of Quizzards..!!!
• Top 4 teams of round 2 are allowed to participate in this round.
• This will be held in Department of CSE,JNTUH on March 22nd 2017.
Note :
• Participants violating rules of the event will be eliminated.
• Coordinator’s decision will be final in case of any dispute.
Rewards :
• Participation certificates will be given to all the participants of the 2nd round.
• Exciting prizes to be won!!!
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Shiva Kumar
Tharun N

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