About the event:

A true programmer knows his code forward backward and mixed. Reverse Coding is an event which tests logical thinking and basic programming skills. The idea behind this event is to figure out the "Black Box". In other words the participants are given the input and output of a program and are asked to develop the source code. The event will test your logical skills along with your pattern analysis and recognition skills as you play with the code, identify the patterns and decipher it. Quest 2k17 offers you an excellent opportunity to solve such brainstorming problems!

Round 1
This round will consist of 5 questions. The participants are expected to solve them in 90 minutes of time. Participants who clear this round will be advanced to the next round.
Round 2
This round will consist of 3 complex questions and the participants should solve them in 2 hours.
1. Individual participation.

*All the participants will be given participation certificates. Top two candidates will be awarded with merit certificates.
Registration fee: Rs.200/- per head.


Contact Info:

ph no: 8374217609
ph no: 9703282704
ph no: 9989871221
ph no: 8297317466
ph no: 7093198331