Situated at the heart of Hyderabad,Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University College of Engineering(Autonomous) has been providing top notch education to students since 1965. The infrastructure development in the past two decades in the college has been prominent. An accredited, comprehensive college, JNTUH CEH offers active learning in a vibrant atmosphere where students connect the classroom and their world. With a focus on innovative ideas along with curricular education. The nurturing environment offers education combined with practical experiences such as internships, academic and career counseling and volunteer opportunities. To meet the essential requirements for strengthening theutility of its programs, the college has developed its own infrastructure and services of the high quality, novel thoughts and practical approach. With the cooperation of the Faculty and other staff members, the institution is now capable to impart quality education for more than thousands students per year. At JNTUH CEH, we believe in making our students ready for the future,today.

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Quest's mission is to organize the world's most advanced technology and make it universally reachable and useful. QUEST is an annual technical fest, proudly presented by the Computer Science Department of JNTUH. Ever since its inception, Quest has made a name for itself as an avant-garde technical festival, showcasing innovations in the fields of science and technology. With this two day long event, we bring to you a conglomerate of unique ideas, competent skill and unlimited fun. Through its plethora of competitions, lectures and workshops, Quest strives to ignite the minds of the students visiting the festival.From challenging the coder in you at (coding event name) to bringing out the scholar in you at Paper presentations, the events are designed to tech-train young minds. We, the student community at Computer Science Department of JNTUH invite you to celebrate mutual passion and common thirst for knowledge. Meet like minded tech lovers and think beyond normal.Be a part of Quest and experience the ardour, for this is an event that truly justifies its name. And this time, its going to be the best ever.

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